Exactly what is an Amazon Affiliate Website?

So what is an Amazon Affiliate Website and how do you generate income with your new site? It’s all very simple. An internet browser is interested in the niche and items on your site, they click on the product then get directed through to that specific product in the Amazon shop. You will then get a commission when the buyer purchases that or ANY other products in the shop within the following 90 days.

Amazon monitor your Associates ID when the customer you referred browses through their site, even if they close their internet browser and return later on. Yes, the link to the store is saved by Amazon and commissions are paid directly into your Amazon Associates account when sales happen. Commissions vary from 4 – 15% depending on the items.

There is no limitation to the number of sales you can generate income from. You are simply referring consumers to Amazon, utilising your site and making money for it. Your website has the specific products sold by Amazon and the consumer feels at ease and with the intent to buy as quickly as they see the Amazon logo.

You can also construct other money making methods into your website such as Google AdSense, InfoLinks or ClickBank. This gives you income whenever a browser clicks on an advertisement appearing on your website.

So exactly what are the Benefits of owning one of our Amazon Affiliate Stores?

  • Totally automated and maintenance free: Operates on auto-pilot.
  • Automatic updates: Products and articles are uploaded automatically.
  • No stock needed: All items in the shop are provided by Amazon.
  • No need to ship anything: Amazon will deliver everything for you.
  • No having to handle customer services: Amazon looks after all customers requirements and returns.
  • 100’s of Amazon products listed: Already imported into your new website are the best selling products in Amazon.
  • 90 day Amazon cookie: Make Amazon commission for up to 90 days from every site visitor.

Once you purchase one of our Amazon Affiliate Stores the only thing on your program is to promote the website and earn your commissions. We provide you with free tutorials and marketing plans to cover this.

You can promote the site by submitting to Google, blog sites, social networks as well as produce Google, Bing and Facebook advertisements.

Browse our ready-made Amazon Affiliate Stores or contact us if you require further information.