Make Money with ClickBank Affiliate

While lots of people will call ClickBank Affiliate yet another affiliate network, that’s not all it is. The platform is more of a market for product creators and affiliates to make money together without cumbersome documentation or arrangements.

As an affiliate marketer, you can leap right in, develop your distinct affiliate links for thousands of products and begin pushing traffic right now. You will likewise see your earnings in real time.

It’s free to sign up with and there’s no screening procedure. No cap or complex metrics. It’s basically a simplified affiliate network, open to anyone that wants to make money.

If you’re a ClickBank affiliate wannabe, being a part of this network isn’t really that difficult. To begin your affiliate marketing at ClickBank, follow the steps below.

Set up your ClickBank Affiliate Account

Signing up as a ClickBank affiliate is easy. From the web page, click the Register tab, which directs you to the page where you input the basic details (name, e-mail, mailing address, and so on). Account registration is free. You can then select a label, which serves as your account user ID.

In case you generate revenues of $600 or more, you’ll be asked for either your Social Security number if you’re doing business as a private or your company tax ID number (if payment is being made to your company). After you register, the website will email your user ID (the label) and your designated eight-digit password.

As you generate commissions, the site mails you your first 2 cheques. You can then choose to have payments submitted digitally to your bank account. Part of the reason that initial cheques are mailed to you through regular postal service is for security: The website can then confirm that your address is genuine.

You can setup more than one ClickBank Affiliate account if you choose to promote multiple products and you wish to track your efficiency and success.

Find a Product to Market

From the homepage, click on the Marketplace tab. Do a keyword search for products that remain in your selected niche. Make certain the item remains in your niche and is suitable for your target market.

Although you do not need to buy the product to start promoting it, it might be a smart idea so that you can get comfortable with both the product and the vendor.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re considering a product to promote:

  • What is the product’s gravity? The gravity offers you an indicator of the product’s sales and appeal. It can likewise inform you to exactly what extent the competition is with others who might likewise be promoting the item. A gravity of 100 or more implies that there are lots of competitors and it might be too crowded for you to obtain your share of the sales. A gravity under 40 may suggest that the item is too brand-new (untried?) or not as popular.
  • Is the product getting good evaluations on the Internet? Put the product’s name in your search engine and evaluate the outcomes. Assess whether customers and affiliates are normally pleased with the item. Identify any grievances.
  • What do ClickBank’s statistics say about this item? When you look at the item, ClickBank uses crucial information about it and the outcomes being generated. You can discover metrics, such as average commission quantities per sale, to see how lucrative it might be to you and see how well the product ranks in regards to overall sales, in its category, and so on. ClickBank offers videos that give you details of all the ways an item is tracked and how sales and commission outcomes are determined. You can likewise read product evaluations and viewpoints in ClickBank’s blogs and online forums from affiliate’s experience with numerous items and vendors.
  • What sales support does the vendor supply? A few of the most effective suppliers provide extensive assistance to assist affiliates prosper. If you see a product, go to the vendor’s site and see their affiliate’s page (you can generally discover a link at the bottom or top of the homepage). Discover to what extent the company supplies suggestions and sales tools, such as sample landing pages and sales copies that you can easily copy and include in e-mails and other locations (such as websites and blogs). The more tools and guidance an affiliate offers, the much better for you.

Get your Affiliate HopLink

After you decide on an item, click the Promote button. In the next window, you enter your nickname and a tracking ID.

A tracking ID keeps you updated on how well a specific marketing project is doing. For instance, if you promote the very same ClickBank item in your blog and in a different email project, you can produce a tracking ID for the blog (such as “myblog”) and another for the email campaign (such as “email”). That way you can track each technique and see which one had much better sales outcomes.

When you have completed putting in your nickname and the optional tracking code, ClickBank will quickly create a HopLink, which is a special link that you can use in your marketing efforts. When anyone clicks this HopLink, ClickBank tracks it and provides you with full credit for any sale that takes place.

You can put HopLinks on a site, e-mail, blog, Facebook page, or short article. Banners are also available from many of the vendors as well.

Get Paid for your Sales

ClickBank tracks the sales and any commissions created by your marketing efforts. You can log in and check your account and the results you produced. If you have any commissions, ClickBank generally makes payments every 2 weeks for affiliates.

Earning Commissions and Getting Paid

Here’s a simple overview of how ClickBank commissions work:

  • You find a product to promote and create a customised HopLink.
  • You promote the product online.
  • A customer clicks on your HopLink, goes to the vendor’s website, and ends up purchasing the product from ClickBank.
  • You receive credit for promoting the sale. Your commission is calculated based on the net sale price (see below) and credited to your account within two minutes of the sale.

How Commissions are Calculated

Every ClickBank product has a commission rate that is set by the vendor, ranging from 1% to 75%. When you drive a sale to that product, ClickBank processes the sale, applies its charges, then calculates the commission rate based on the remaining net sale amount. Here’s an example of how much you’ll earn on a one-time purchase product with a 55% commission rate:

Retail Price: $29.95

Subtract 7.5% + $1: -$3.25

Net Sale Amount: $26.70

55% of Remainder: $14.69

Therefore, as the referring affiliate for this sale, you would earn $14.69.

Recurring products can have different commission rates for the initial purchase and the re-bill purchases, but the calculation is performed in the same way.

The maximum commission you can earn on a single sale is $150.


ClickBank is a great, simple place to start with affiliate marketing and combining it with Adsense is recommended. It also tends to generate much more revenue than other affiliate programs so your earning will be much higher.