What is Blogger Outreach

So what is blogger outreach and what are the benefits? Here we answer these questions and look at why it’s the single most effective way of building on your SEO strategy. If you are unsure as to why you should be using a blogger outreach service, then look no further.

Brand Building

If you are an up-and-coming brand or a small business, it can be very difficult to get people interested in your brand and talking about it. By getting your brand featured on an influential blog that has readers in your target market, you are essentially getting hundreds of eyeballs on your brand – every day.

So the more people who see your brand, the more likely people will talk about it which will eventually lead to links and social shares, which we all know make up an vital element of successful SEO.

Gaining High Quality Links

This is the most obvious benefit of blogger outreach, but we can’t ignore it as it’s also the biggest benefit. The more influential the blogs that feature your brand and link back to your site, the better. Google love the high quality links that are relevant to another website niche.

Connections with Influencers

We all know building relationships with influential people in the real world is important and building relationships with influential bloggers works the same way. Once you have identified a list of influential bloggers, take time to nurture the relationship – re-tweet their tweets, comment on their Facebook posts etc.

Maintaining good relationships with bloggers will serve you well in the long-term and will be a resource you can tap into whenever necessary for your SEO campaign.

Fresh Content

High quality content has become the backbone of good SEO. But producing good content is a hard task, especially as SEO requires volume and frequency. So investing in a blogger outreach campaign is ideal. Let the professionals create some high quality content for you.

Influencer Advocacy

This one is a little spoken about benefit. But think about it – what happens when someone we trust and value introduces us to something? We become interested and investigate ourselves. The more influential bloggers you can get to talk about your brand, the more people will visit your site.

So now you can see why blogger outreach for SEO campaigns is so important.

Let us know what you think about blogger outreach and whether you are using a blogger outreach service in the comments below!